with Asana 

Access over 90 minutes of Asana training and learn how you can set up your business for success.


By the end of 8 comprehensive modules, you will:

     👉 understand why using a project management tool is essential to grow & scale

     👉 know your way around Asana, projects, tasks & My Tasks

     👉 know how to set up projects, set recurring tasks and set up your monthly goal setting & tracking project

     👉 know what goes into your Business Hub & set up

     👉 know how to manage leads, automate onboarding with Zapier and how to manage ongoing clients

     👉 know how to set up your planning projects so that you can get ahead, batch and boost your productivity

     👉 know how to use Asana to outsource, assign tasks and  manage your team & meetings 


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  • 8 Training videos

    • Bonus Zapier demonstration for lead management & onboarding automations into Asana

    • 0ver 90 minutes of video demonstration

    • Exclusive access to my Asana set up & project design

    • Productivity & time management tips

    Access the Systems for Success


    $129 AUD
    (No GST)

    Not sure where to start when it comes to setting up your business for success?

    Book a clarity call with me, and we can work out exactly what you need.

    Aerlie is a Business Systems Strategist and Asana Certified Pro.

    She helps small business and entrepreneurs improve their business from the inside out.


    Setting up a project management tool such as Asana is essential for many small business to help manage 'all the things', get everything out of your head and organised, and to let the tool manage the to do's so that you have more time and space to more of what you love.

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