Ops to Outsourcing

Want to scale your business, but stuck in overwhelm?


​Setting up your business processes, organising your tasks in Asana and getting a VA are key growth milestones that often happen in the background of your business, and can be difficult to navigate if you're busy doing #allthethings.


These 3 Masterclasses focus on building your business operations one step at a time. 


First, I'll show you how to create business processes for the repetitive/ operations tasks that you are planning on outsourcing.


Then, I'll take you through the Asana set up and how you can start to organise all of your ideas, projects and tasks so that you never forget anything again.


The Asana framework and processes set you up for outsourcing. I'll show you how to find a VA, search on Upwork or locally, the hiring process, and how to manage tasks using the processes you created and an Asana project for your small team.


     👉 Learn how to create a process document for a repetitive task, so that you can hand it over to a VA

     👉 Learn how to set up projects in Asana

     👉 Learn how to manage your VA in Asana

     👉 Learn the 7 step process for hiring a VA that's best for your business

     👉 BONUS Process Doc Template

     👉 BONUS How to Hire a VA Checklist


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  • 3 Masterclasses (Pre-Recorded)

    • Process Template

    • How to Hire a VA Checklist

    • Asana walkthrough

    Access the Systems for Success


    $129 AUD
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    Not sure where to start when it comes to setting up your business for success?

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    Aerlie is a Business Systems Strategist and Client Workflow Specialist.

    She helps small business and entrepreneurs improve their business from the inside out.


    Aerlie works with clients to map out the processes for outsourcing, and how to manage them using project management software.

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