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Aerlie Wildy

You have already decided that ClickUp

is the answer to getting your

business organised and

your team more productive.


You're ready to navigate around ClickUp

with confidence, save time,

streamline  your lead tracking,

client management and content workflows,

and create a powerful business hub.


You've also discovered that it's a

steep learning curve!

Let me guide you through it.


ClickUp Confident

created by Aerlie, ClickUp Vetted Consultant 

  • ​Self paced video training
  • Over 60 short tutorial style videos (2-5 mins each)
  • 4 modules to help you go from confused to confident
  • Examples to help you visualise your views and lists
  • ​Actionable checklists to help you learn as you go
  • Access all training in your ClickUp so you can watch any time you need to check 'how-to'
  • Templates to get you started

Module 1

Navigating around ClickUp and customising your settings.

Module 2

Setting up your hierarchy of Spaces, Folders & Lists & Task Management

Module 3

Boosting your personal productivity, with Home, email, calendar settings

Module 4

Collaborating with your team, with commenting and notifications.

Get organised,

and get

ClickUp Confident

Learn how to optimise ClickUp from a

ClickUp Vetted Consultant

  • Be less busy and more productive

    Set up ClickUp with views, field and information you need to plan, prioritise to help you stay productive, and delegate your team's workload confidently

  • Replace the mental load with space for creativity

    Instead of keeping everything in your head ot running your to do list from your Inbox, optimise ClickUp so that your processes, workflows, checklists and templates are accessible and easy to implement, giving you back the mental space to do what you love.

  • Get out of your Inbox and start planning ahead

    Stop working reactively from your Inbox and start to be proactive by planning ahead, working together collaboratively, even if you have a remote team.

Aerlie Wildy

Project Management and

Business Efficiency Consultant

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Take the stress away

Let me guide you through the set up of ClickUp

so that you can


Get up and running quickly


Manage your team more effectively

​Train an in-house ClickUp Confident

 team member 


Save time & reduce the confusion of how to set up ClickUp effectively.



ClickUp Confident

$197 Inc GST


ClickUp Confident +

1 60 min Strategy Session 


$347 Inc GST

Considering the Upgrade?

The Strategy Session can be used at the start to get you on the right track, or later to help you optimise your set up.


Aerlie is a Team Management and Business Efficiency Consultant supporting small serviced based businesses to create productive teams.

She specialises in improving your project management system, documenting processes, creating internal communication systems & guidelines, and helping remote teams works productively. 



Aerlie provides consultation, done for you and training to help your team operate efficiently.

She is also a Certified Asana Pro, ClickUp Vetted Consultant and Evernote Certified Pro.


I implemented ClickUp into our Accounts Department, but was overwhelmed trying to manage multiple tasks in different areas of business development. Due dates were not being met and it was difficult to plan ahead without doubling up on tasks.


Aerlie helped me get a high level overview by tweaking different views, filters and layouts to manage departments in business in ClickUp, that has allowed our team to be more collaborative, plan ahead and execute easily.


Account Manager

I contacted Vetted ClickUp Consultant Aerlie because I felt overwhelmed by ClickUp’s capabilities and wasn’t sure how to structure everything. 

Since working with Aerlie, I now feel more organised and streamlined. My team is communicating a lot better and we’re able to keep on top of overdue tasks and hold team members more accountable. 

I can see workload for the week ahead of time and plan accordingly. I can plan the team's capacity around new clients and give better project timelines to existing clients too.


Balanced Life Virtual Services

When it comes to systemising your business and managing your time better, it is obvious that this is one of her superpowers.  Right from our first conversation she pointed out improvements I can make, and did it in easy steps so that I didn't feel completely overwhelmed.

Karl Thew

Web Designer, Static Shift


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ClickUp Confident

$197 Inc GST


ClickUp Confident +

1 60 min Strategy Session 


$347 Inc GST

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